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T Molecule Beanies

T Molecule Beanies

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100% Turbo Acrylic
12 (30 cm) in length
Hand washable

A snug, form-fitting beanie featuring the chemical structure of a T molecule. A stealthy way for those of us who rely on this powerful molecule to express our appreciation for what it does, and our pride that we use it to feel more like ourselves (or our appreciation for the T our body produces naturally, if we don't take it).

As a trans guy who was only one course short of a minor in chemistry in college, I think the scientific aspect of T's structure is cool to learn about. And I also think it's aesthetically interesting too!

I'm grateful to be on T, and so this design serves as a reminder for me to take it on time, and as a stealthy statement of pride in my choice to use it.

However you identify, if you appreciate T and think it's one cool looking molecule, this beanie is for you :)

I stylized the structure just enough to make it work for the embroidery, but it's scientifically accurate for those who know their organic chemistry.

With the formula C19H28O2, the molecule is a formation of carbon and hydrogen rings with an oxygen at the left end and an oxygen bonded to a hydrogen on the right end. Only slightly different from E molecules in structure, T nevertheless causes considerably different changes in the body.

A relatively simple arrangement of chemicals, with powerful and life changing effects!
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